10 Ideas for Inexpensive Holiday Parties

Want to throw a holiday party but short on cash? Well, there are affordable ways to have a great holiday party!

Here are 10 Ideas for Inexpensive Holiday Parties that do not look cheap!

  1. Holiday open house with drinks and simple hors d’oeuvres.
  2. Intimate dinner party – only invite your closest friends!
  3. Potluck party
  4. Wine tasting and fondue party Have each guest bring a wine to share, and you only need to provide the food!
  5. Movie night
  6. Holiday decorating party – serve hot cocoa or egg nog and cookies afterwards. (see our easy egg nog recipe!)
  7. Volunteer party – everyone goes to a food bank or something to do charity work together.
  8. Brunch or lunch
  9. Dessert night – cheaper than making a full course meal!
  10. Holiday recovery party – Start planning one for January when your budget may not be so strapped.

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