5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Men In Your Life

Coming up at a loss when trying to think up a gift idea for the guy in your life for Valentine’s Day? Don’t sweat it! It is really not that difficult to get a guy something he will love on Valentine’s Day or any other day! And we’re not just talking about the obvious thing he will love – sex – we’re talking about other gifts. Here are five great ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for guys.

1. Video Games. Seriously, men and boys love to game. Sure, you might not see him for a while if you hook him up with the latest Halo game, but at least you will know that it is a hit.

2. Beef Jerky. Sure, it smells like butt cheese to a lot of us, but men do seem to love it. Plus, most guys love to eat so if you give your guy some beef jerky you are looking at a win-win here. And if he hates beef jerky, just make him a sandwich! Remember, most guys just love food, especially when it is served to them!

3. Something Autographed. Consider what you guy is into and then look for something that is autographed. We’re talking autographed balls, autographed sports cards, autographed guitars, autographed CDs, and the list goes on. This gift will really show that you listen and know what he is into.

4. Booze. Think about it – Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year and what do guys love more than booze? Booze and sports. So let him sit down to watch the game with a bottle or can of whatever booze he prefers courtesy of you.

5. Electronics. If your guy doesn’t have a sweet TV or stereo system then there is a pretty good chance that he wants one. If you have the cash, and you are at a high-spending point in your relationship, why not hook him up with some new electronics?

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