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Holiday Hacks is run by a team of four holiday enthusiasts.


Rocco, editor
A big fan of Christmas and Halloween, Rocco started the site to share his love of the holidays with everyone. His favorite Christmas gift was a Big Wheel when he was 6 years old. And his favorite Halloween costume was a pirate when he was 8 years old.

Nigella, contributor
Family gatherings and cooking big meals are the things that Nigella loves the most about holidays. For her, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve make the list for her favorite holidays.

Hanson, contributor
Having a good time with friends and family is what Hanson enjoys the most when it comes to holidays. His favorite holiday is St. Patrick’s Day, followed by Halloween and the 4th of July. Hanson’s favorite place to celebrate St. Paddy’s is New York City.

Angela, contributor
When asked for her favorite holiday, Angela could not pick just one. She loves them all, from Valentine’s Day to Hanukkah.