Ten Of The Best Artificial Pre Lit Christmas Trees

Every year, in anticipation for Christmas, consumers purchase hundreds of thousands of Christmas trees. The beauty of a natural tree can be difficult to replicate because natural trees have several unique benefits to offer, but they also present several problems.

Many consumers don’t want to deal with the maintenance required by a natural tree. If you decide to get a real tree, you must water it daily and clean up the discarded pine needles. Natural Christmas trees are notorious for shedding their pine needles all over the living room floor. It’s not uncommon for consumers avoid using a real tree because they don’t want to risk losing their home to a fire.

Even if a natural tree is watered regularly, it can dry out, and once it doesn’t have enough moisture flowing through its foliage, the tree becomes a major fire hazard.

A single exposed Christmas light can set the pine needles ablaze and put a damper on the Christmas season. To avoid these problems, thousands of consumers have started using artificial Christmas trees, and you might be surprised by how much enjoyment you can get from a fake tree.

What to Look For When Buying A Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

Pre-lit artificial Christmas trees have become incredibly popular, and although they’re lacking in some areas, these trees have plenty of benefits to offer. However, before you make a purchase, there are some considerations to make. The height of the tree should always be the first consideration.

For the best results, the tree should stop about six inches from the ceiling. The width is also important, and most families prefer a full width. Depending on your preferences, a slimmer, pencil shape might be a better option.

When shopping for a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree, consider the quantity of needle tips. If you want a tree with a fuller look, then more needle tips is a must.

If you want people to be able to see through the tree, then you’ll want fewer needle tips. A very important consideration is the foliage type. Depending on the manufacturer, there are three main types of foliage to choose from.

Types of Foliage

A number of fake Christmas trees are made with classic needles, which consist of fine PVC strands. During the manufacturing process, thin PVC sheets are cut into fine strands and made to look like real evergreen needles.

The second type of foliage is the pine needle, and it’s also made from PVC material. The difference is that these needles are extruded and designed to mimic needles from a real pine tree.

This type of foliage tends to be longer and thinner than classic needles. The third major type of foliage is the true needle, which is created from injection-molded PE plastic.

Why Choose A Pre-Lit Tree?

The choice to get a pre-lit tree is a matter of preference. Since pre-lit trees come with lights installed, they’re designed for unmatched convenience.

The process of wrapping lights around any type of Christmas tree can be quite problematic, so many consumers prefer to purchase a pre-lit tree and avoid the hassle. Below, you’ll find a hand-picked list of the 10 best artificial pre-lit Christmas trees, so you don’t have to waste time and can focus on other preparations for Christmas.


Vickerman Pre-Lit Natural Alpine Tree with 150 Clear Mini Lights

The Vickerman Pre-Lit Natural Alpine Tree is a top product, and it’s equipped with Dura-Lit lights. These lights are special because they’re made with microchips, which are built into each socket. Most people are familiar with a common problem associated with older Christmas lights.

The problem with older lights is that a single faulty bulb can cause the entire string of lights to quit working. Since the lights on the Vickerman Pre-Lit Natural Alpine Tree have microchips, they’re immune to this problem, so broken or missing bulbs have no impact on the other lights.

With 475 PVC tips, this tree has plenty of style to offer. The needle tips are longer and thinner, so they produce a thinner overall appearance. This particular tree comes with a metal base, so you don’t have to spend time finding a base that will fit.

The tree comes with 150 clear lights, which produces a standard white glow. The style is designed to match a thinner Christmas tree, so if you desire a fuller appearance, this might not be the best tree for your home. One of the benefits of the slim design is the additional space for decorations, which is plentiful.



Best Choice Products Pre-Lit Fiber Optic 7′ Green Artificial Christmas Tree

A top pick is the Best Choice Products Artificial Christmas Tree. Unlike some of the other trees on the market, it doesn’t use fabric. The whole tree is made of dense PVC needles, so it offers a fresh-cut look, which will last throughout the season.

The base is made of strong iron material and offers great support. It’s not uncommon for a weak base to break and cause a variety of problems. By getting an artificial tree with a strong base, you can avoid these annoying problems. The Best Choice Products Artificial Christmas Tree comes with 280 LED lights, so it delivers plenty of light.

The LED lights are placed throughout the tree and can be seen from every angle. There are four different colors of lights, and they can alternate between eight unique sequences. For easy storage and assembly, this tree comes in two sections.

Once it arrives, you can assemble it quickly and enjoy the hassle-free experience. Although this product is ideal for indoor use, it can also be used outdoors, but you should know that it’s not weather resistant. This could be an excellent tree for decorating rooms, apartments and offices.



Vickerman Flocked Alaskan Multi Pre-lit Christmas Tree

With a height of only three feet, this is one of the shortest artificial trees that you’ll come across. It comes with a sturdy plastic stand and has beautiful PVC tips. To make storage easy, this tree is built with hinged branches. It’s also pre-lit with multi-color lights.

However, due to the smaller size of the tree, the lights are also much smaller. If you’ve dug out your old collectible decorations and need a place to put them, this tree could be a great choice. For the consumer who has no decorations, this tree can be used exactly how it arrives.

A sugary flocking is used to cover the tree’s body, so it looks like it has been covered with snow. The G50 lights are smaller but deliver plenty of brightness, and they feature several different colors.

This tree is perfect for small spaces, and it’s also great for consumers who want to avoid the hassles of setting up a full-size tree. When you consider the price, the Vickerman Flocked Alaskan Multi Pre-lit Christmas Tree has a lot to offer.

With 116 needle tips, it produces a thinner appearance. Assembly and storage are easy, and this tree is perfect for a smaller space.


National Tree 7-1/2-Foot Pre-lit Artificial North Valley Spruce Tree

If you have some extra money to spend, this tree is worth considering. There are three different sizes to choose from. For a smaller space, you’ll want to consider the 4.5-foot version. If you have a larger space, this tree is available in sizes of 7.5 and nine feet.

One of the major benefits that this tree has to offer is the quantity of lights. Since it has been pre-strung with 550 UL clear lights, it produces a bright glow and should be easy to see through a window. If you’re looking for a full appearance, this is one of the best pre-lit artificial Christmas trees available.

It has a whopping 1,346 branch tips and looks almost identical to a classic pine tree. It features strong metal hinged construction, which means the branches are attached to sections of the center pole. The tree is shipped in three different sections, which makes it much easier to set up.

The National Tree Artificial North Valley Spruce Tree offers a realistic style and makes holiday decorating extremely easy. The pre-strung lights save you time and look great. With 550 clear lights, this tree can light up the entire stash of presents that sit beneath it.

To make life easier for the consumers, it even comes with spare fuses and bulbs. A strong metal tree stand is included with your purchase and will prevent the tree from falling over. Although some consumers might find this product to be a bit expensive, it brings a lot of value to the table.



National Tree 4-1/2-Foot Pre-lit Artificial Kingswood Fir Pencil Tree

It’s difficult to ignore the beauty offered by a full Christmas tree, but in some cases, a different style might be preferred. The National Tree Artificial Kingswood Fir Pencil Tree lets you switch up the style while enjoying all of the benefits provided by an artificial tree.

This tree is imported and features a 24-inch diameter. However, with a height of only 4.5 feet, it’s classified as a smaller tree. For convenience, this tree has been pre-lit with 150 clear lights, which takes the hassle out of decorating.

With a total of 330 branch tips, it offers a slimmer appearance, so if you’re looking for a full appearance, you might want to consider getting a different product. Like other National Tree products, this artificial Christmas tree comes with a folding metal tree stand. The pencil tree style is great for smaller spaces, and it’s the best choice for conservative decorating.

It comes with spare fuses and bulbs, so if any of the lights stop working, you can quickly repair them. The tree comes in a reusable storage carton, which guarantees the longevity of the tree. You can think of this tree as an investment because it should last several years.



Portland Fir Tree 4.5-Feet with 250 Multi-Color Lights

Here we have another top artificial tree. It’s available in several different sizes and has been made from high-quality materials. With a height of 4.5 feet, it’s not the tallest tree on the market, but it’s tall enough for the average home or apartment.

The widest point of this tree is 40 inches, and a four-leg base is included with your purchase. General Foam has been producing high-quality artificial trees for decades, and this is one of their best products. Since it’s a pre-lit tree, it comes with multi-color lights, which produce plenty of light.

If you’re looking for a way to fill your entire home with Christmas spirit, this is a great way to do it. Every single branch on the tree is placed by hand, so you get a balanced look from every angle. The tree comes pre-strung with 250 incandescent lights and doesn’t take long to assemble.

To get everything set up, you must connect three different sections. All of the branches on the tree are manicured and designed to look as realistic as possible. The lights are designed to continue shining when an individual bulb goes out. At 4.5 feet tall, the Portland Fir Tree isn’t the tallest tree available, but it has plenty of convenience and personality to offer.



National Tree 4-1/2-Feet “Feel-Real” Downswept Douglas Fir Hinged Tree

The National Tree Feel-Real Downswept Douglas Fir Hinged Tree is another top product. This review is for the 4.5-foot version, but you can select sizes up to 12 feet. At the base, this imported tree measures 38 inches. It comes pre-lit with 450 clear lights, which produce plenty of light.

The feel-real branch tips are what make this tree different. These tips deliver incredible realism and function using a hinged branch construction. The fire-resistant, non-allergenic branches look good while almost eliminating the risk of fire.

Another feature that makes this tree very unique is the design process. To achieve the realistic look and feel, the branch tips on the tree are molded from real branches.

As a result of this unique process, the National Tree Feel-Real Downswept Douglas Fir Hinged Tree looks incredibly realistic. This particular tree is the smaller version, so it’s ideal for smaller areas. Since it’s a pre-strung tree, you don’t have to add your own lights.



National Tree CW7-306-50 Crestwood Spruce Entrance Tree with Silver Bristle

Not everyone wants a full tree, and for those who don’t, the CW7-306-50 Crestwood Spruce Entrance Tree could be a great choice. This tree features a unique style and looks quite a bit different than a typical Christmas tree.

For an enhanced appearance, it comes with glitter, red berries, pine cones and silver bristle. These items help to give the tree some personality and reduce the burden of decorating.

The CW7-306-50 Crestwood Spruce Entrance Tree has a diameter of 26 inches, and with a height of five feet, it should be a great fit for most homes.

Although it performs best when used indoors, it can be used outdoors. As a pre-lit tree, it comes wrapped with 150 UL clear lights. The unique shape is what sets this tree apart.



Classic Full Pre-lit Christmas Tree with Berries and Pine Cones

When shopping for a pre-lit artificial tree, many consumers desire a full tree. If this describes you, then consider this full pre-lit Christmas tree.

For a decorative appearance, it has pine cones and berries attached to it. With 2,176 evergreen tips, it looks very full and closely resembles a real tree.

The tip of the tree stretches to a height of 7.5 feet, and the branches are wrapped with 800 clear lights. The tree comes with a metal stand and doesn’t take much effort to assemble. The full appearance makes this product the cornerstone for your holiday decorations.



Feel-Real Jersey Fraser Slim Fir Hinged Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

Artificial Christmas trees that have a full appearance can look nice, but you should always consider the shape. You might not realize it, but the shape of the tree can have a dramatic impact on how the tree is perceived.

The Jersey Fraser Slim Christmas Tree resembles a pencil tree, but it doesn’t lack fullness. The PVC and PE needles are designed to feel as real as they look.

Depending on the size, this tree offers between 2,469 and 3,420 tips. It’s pre-lit with 800 to 1,000 clear lights, so once the tree has been set up, you can skip the hassles of adding lights.

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