12 Magical Christmas Wreath Ideas

The Best Looking Christmas Wreaths For Your Door

Christmas is a great time to bring out the festive decorations, and when it comes time to decorate, a lot of people aren’t sure where to start. Since it’s one of the first things that guests will see, the entryway is an excellent place to start.

To give the entryway some festive flare, a Christmas wreath should do the trick. However, for the best results, it’s important to use a high-quality wreath, so you need to know what to look for.

What to Look For In A Good Wreath

Before you make a selection, you should know what to look for in a Christmas wreath. A very important factor to consider is the color combination. For the best results, you’ll want to choose a wreath that is decorated with festive Christmas colors.

Ideally, it should have plenty of red and green colors. It’s also important to consider the size. If you select the wrong size, the wreath will look out of proportion with your door, which can ruin the effects. For most homes, a 24-inch wreath should look great, but if you have a smaller door, you might consider a 15-inch product.

When shopping for Christmas wreaths, you should consider the flammability of the product. Some of the best products are fire resistant, and although your tree is much more likely than your wreath to catch fire, it’s always better to play it safe.

Before you decide on a particular product, you should check to see if the wreath is designed for indoor or outdoor use. Many modern products are made to be used indoors and outdoors.

Finally, decide if you want Christmas lights on your wreath. A number of products come equipped with their own lights, which is much more convenient than trying to add your own lights.

A lot of people like to make their own Christmas wreaths, but the process can be inconvenient and painstaking. When you purchase synthetic wreaths, you don’t have to spend time creating your own, which is convenient and saves time.



Lighted Nativity Scene Christmas Wreath

The Lighted Nativity Scene Christmas wreath can serve as a great way to show everyone that you care about the holidays. This product is a bit different because it contains a small scene within it.

The scene contains Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and they’re surrounded by red berries, pine boughs and snow-frosted pinecones. The entire scene is accented with a red bow. The star of Bethlehem shines brightly above the scene. Since it comes with lights, this wreath requires three AAA batteries.

For easier hanging, there is a hook attached to the bag of the wreath. With an 18-inch diameter, this product should look good on most doors. It features polyfoam, plastic and pinecone materials.



National Tree 24-Inch Crestwood Spruce Wreath

Here we have a larger Christmas wreath. It has a 24-inch diameter and comes equipped with 50 clear lights. Since it’s a pre-lit product, you don’t have to add your own lights.

This wreath is trimmed with glitter, red berries and pine cones, so it offers a wide assortment of visual effects. To activate the lights, it must be plugged into an outlet. It’s made with non-allergenic and fire-resistant properties, so it’s not likely to catch on fire.

This wreath is versatile enough to be used inside or outside, so the only thing that you need to do is decide what door you’re going to put it on. The Crestwood Spruce has plenty to add to your Christmas decorations.



Fiber Optic Woodland Christmas Bird Wreath

Here we have an excellent choice for bird lovers. You can use this product to light up your holidays and give your guests something to look at. It’s made with leaves, berries, acorns and real pinecones.

There are four birds perched in the middle of the wreath, so this could be a great product for bird lovers. The lighting requires three AAA batteries, and with a diameter of 15 inches, this wreath is ideal for smaller doors.

The Fiber Optic Woodland Christmas bird wreath is great for a home or cabin, and since it’s made with real pinecones, it actually smells like Christmas.



16″ Camdon Fir Artificial Christmas Wreath Unlit

If you’re looking for an unlit Christmas wreath, this product is worth considering. It features flocked white on green and has zero tips. Since it’s an artificial wreath, the materials are synthetic.

However, this product is designed to deliver a realistic look and feel, so it’s almost identical to the real thing, but it doesn’t smell the same. With a 16-inch diameter, this wreath is ideal for smaller doors, and it’s great for families who don’t want to feel like they’re going over the top with their decorations.

It has 60 branch tips and can be used indoors or outdoors. There is no assembly required, and the synthetic needles are shaped for a realistic appearance.



24″ Canadian Pine Artificial Christmas Wreath

Here is a 24-inch version of the Canadian Pine artificial Christmas wreath. This product serves as a holiday staple, and it can be used to add some classic style to your mantle or front door.

Many consumers prefer unlit wreaths, but you always have the option to add your own lights. This product is made with 220 tips, so it looks and feels very realistic. It has a natural two-tone green color and doesn’t need to be assembled. The entire wreath arrives in a single piece.

It’s designed to be used inside or outside and comes with a strong metal frame, which is used for hanging. The materials are treated with flame retardant, so it’s very unlikely that this product will go up in flames.



Dyno Seasonal Solutions 20-Inch Sizzle Decorated Tinsel Wreath

In terms of decorations, this is one of the most flamboyant Christmas wreaths available. It features sizzle decorated tinsel wreath, and it’s very easy to use.

It’s made in China and should look great in any home. It’s an ideal product for hanging on a hearth or doorway. Since it comes pre-decorated, you don’t have to waste any time, and you can immediately hang it up in your desired location. For extra flare, it’s decorated with emerald and crimson.

With a 20-inch diameter, it’s a good size for most doors. The Dyno Seasonal Solutions 20-inch Christmas wreath is made with shatterproof ornaments and features essential colors for a special holiday experience.



Brookstone Cordless LED Pre-lit Cone & Berry Christmas Wreath

Another product to consider is from Brookstone, and it’s made with a variety of realistic features. It comes with built-in berries and cones, which give it a homemade look.

This wreath comes with a built-in timer, so you can make sure the lights are only shining when it’s appropriate. The timer will turn the lights on for six hours and shut them off for 18 hours.

It features a cordless design, so there is no need to deal with pesky cords. The Brookstone cordless wreath is made from a mixture of PVC and PE tips, so it has a classic design and looks very realistic.



Worcester Wreath 20-Inch Highland Maine Balsam Wreath

If you’re looking for a simple, elegant Christmas wreath, this could be a great product for you. It’s made with fresh Maine Balsam and smells wonderful. It features a gorgeous hand-tied bow and comes straight from Maine.

Since this is a handmade product, you get a level of detail that is absent from many alternative products. The Worcester Highland Maine Balsam wreath will allow you to bring the incredible fragrance of Maine balsam to your home.

You can use this product to decorate your door or mantle, and although the design is simple, it’s elegant. The wreath is made out of three pounds of real Maine pinecones and balsam greens, and to top off the style, it features a Highland plaid bow.



GKI Bethlehem Lighting Pre-Lit 30-Inch Christmas Wreath

The GKI Bethlehem Lighting Christmas wreath has a 30-inch diameter, so it’s great for larger doors. It’s a great product for families who love showing their Christmas spirit because of its massive size.

Since it’s a pre-lit product, you don’t have to worry about adding your own lights. The tips are made from PVC and PE materials, and they’re studded with fern-like stems, leaves and pinecones. This wreath comes with 100 clear lights, which are locked into their positions.

The lights are designed to keep shining when there are malfunctioning bulbs. With a 30-inch diameter, this wreath can transform your door into an enchanting Christmas display.



National Tree 24-Inch Dunhill Fir Wreath

Here we have another product from National Tree, and it’s the Dunhill Fir version. To provide a realistic appearance, it’s made with snow, red berries and pine cones.

For safety reasons, this wreath is made with non-allergenic, fire-resistant materials. It can be used inside or outside and comes pre-lit with 50 clear lights. It serves as a great holiday display for a window, wall or door, and it eliminates the hassle of adding your own string of lights.



Corded Pre-lit Oregon Fir 24″ Christmas Wreath

If you don’t mind dealing with a cord, you might enjoy this Oregon Fir 24-inch Christmas wreath. It’s from Celestial Lights and offers a realistic appearance.

The materials are durable and should make this wreath usable for many years to come. It features standard LEDs, which are available in multicolor or soft white.

This wreath is made with a mixture of PVC and PE tips, and it can be used to decorate anywhere. The Oregon Fir Christmas wreath is designed for mantels, windows and doors, and it delivers a lush, realistic appearance.



Premium RAZ Imports Christmas 24″ Wreath

Not everybody wants the same wreath style, so if you’re looking for something different, this could be a great product for you. It’s ideal for the holidays and features beautiful pinecones and red balls. It’s perfect for the family who wants snowy decorations.

Red and green are traditional Christmas colors, but white can deliver an even stronger emotional response. This wreath comes assembled, so you don’t have to waste time putting together a bunch of small pieces.



Christmas is a time of celebration, and it’s hard to have a celebration without decorations. A beautiful wreath can serve as the staple for your holiday decorations, and it can help to bring out the spirit of Christmas in everyone.

Many of these products look like they’re made from real materials and might even smell like they came from a winter wonderland. Whether they’re real or not, Christmas wreaths can have a profound impact on the overall style of your Christmas decorations.

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