Beyblade Party Supplies: Beyblade Party Invitations

buy Beyblade party invitations

Having a birthday party, graduation party or other party that you want to invite people to?

You can make it a Beyblade themed party and invite people with these cool Beyblade Invitations.

They can be used for any type of party that you want.

Gingka featured on these Beyblade party invitations, which is the same design as on the Beyblade party bags and some of the Beyblade party plates, napkins and cups.

These are standard size party invitations that measure around 8.5 x 4 inches. And the front features the standard “You’re Invited” at the top.

Like most of the other Beyblade party supplies, you get 8 invitations in one pack of these Beyblade party invitations.

Are you ready to buy some Beyblade party invitations for your Beyblade themed party? If so, don’t forget the rest of your party supplies for your Beyblade themed party. It will be a hit with all of your friends that like to battle beys with you.

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