Beyblade Party Supplies: Beyblade Party Plates, Cups & Napkins

If you are throwing a Beybladed themed party, you can serve food and drinks from Beyblade plates and cups. And don’t forget the Beyblade napkins to wipe your hands and mouths with!

Beyblade Dessert Plates

buy Beyblade dessert party plates

Having a Beyblade party where you are serving dessert? Like a birthday party?

If so, you need the Beyblade Dessert Plates for putting your birthday cake or other dessert on.

When you buy a back of these Beyblade dessert plates, you get 8 plates in one pack.

The plates are paper plates and feature Gingka on them for the Beyblade design.

The Beyblade Metal Fusion logo is also on each plate.

Beyblade Dinner Plates

buy Beyblade dinner party plates

If you want larger plates that hold a bit more food, you need to move up from the dessert plates.

The Beyblade Dinner Plates are slightly bigger than the dinner plates.

They also feature a slightly different design on the plates.

You still get Gingka on the Beyblade party plates, just in a different pose. And the Beyblades Metal Fusion logo is also on these dinner party plates.

Like the dessert plates, the Beyblade dinner party plates come in a pack of 8 and are also heavy duty paper plates.

Beyblade Party Cups

buy Beyblade party cups

When you are planning your Beyblade party, you can get Beyblade 9 oz. Paper Cups to go with the Beyblade party plates.

As you can see, the design on the Beyblade party cups is the same design featured on the Beyblade dinner party plates.

These cups are made of durable paper and they hold just 9 fluid ounces of party punch or whatever else you are serving.

Like the Beyblade party plates, you get 8 cups in the pack of Beyblade paper party cups.

Beyblade Party Napkins

buy Beyblade party napkins

An easily forgotten piece of party planning is the napkins.

Your Beyblade themed party is not complete until you sit out those Beyblade Party Napkins by the party plates and cups.

The Beyblade party napkins feature the same Beyblade Gingka design as you find on the Beyblade party cups and dinner plates.

Unlike the other Beyblade party supplies, you get 16 party napkins in the pack.

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