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It’s Not Just Halloween Day on October 31st

When someone mentions October 31st to you, Halloween Day and all of its related festivities might be the first things that spring to mind. But did you know, that the date also means something else?

That’s right, it is also Increase Your Psychic Powers Day!

And hey, who doesn’t want to be psychic? “I wish I didn’t have these cool psychic powers” – said no one, ever.

Sure, it might be a silly holiday to commemorate, but why not have a little fun with it?

History of Increase Your Psychic Powers Day

Make Your Own History This October 31st!

Chances are pretty high that you have never before heard of Increase Your Psychic Powers Day. In fact, it was only recently that I learned of it. Like me, you might be surprised that the day dates back to 19th century England. (at least that is what the internet tells me)

I am not really sure if I believe that this wacky October holiday dates back any further than last year as I’ve never heard of it until recently, but I still think it is a fun thing to celebrate. I know that I wish I had a little psychic ability in me.

So, join me in celebrating this awesome day of working towards developing or enhancing our psychic abilities! Maybe by this time next year we can all have our own little palm reading shop on the boardwalk! Clairvoyants, unite!

Can You Really Improve Your Psychic Capabilities

October 31st Is A Good Day To Try!

I honestly do not know if we can work on improving our psychic capabilities. However, I do know that our minds can do amazing things and that we don’t even use the majority of our brain’s potential. So, hey, maybe we can all get psychic on October 31st.

One thing is for certain – I doubt we all need a crystal ball like in the image.

There is no shortage of people claiming to have psychic powers or abilities, and some of them have to be telling the truth, right? With that in mind, I did a little digging to determine if it is possible to boost those psychic powers. And, if it can be done, how do we do it?

Step One: Using The Ouija Board – …if you’re not too scared!!

In my research, one of the first things I found on revving up your psychic-ness was to get your clairvoyance on with a Ouija board. As a child of the 80s, I remember horror movies involving these things so I am not too keen on them myself. But, if you’re up for anything then bust out an Ouija board with some friends and try to make contact with the other side.

Step Two: Mind Mojo With a Deck of Cards

Okay, if you’re a scaredy cat like me and skipped step one, then you will find step two to be MUCH easier….at least in terms of the scare-o-meter. So, with this step you need to get yourself a deck of playing cards out. If you don’t have any, then run over to your local Wal-Mart or order up a deck from Amazon using the links I have provided for you below.

What you need to do is shuffle the cards. Then, focus on what you think the top card might be. Focus hard. After a little time passes, once you think you know what the card is, flip it over to see if you are correct. Keep repeating this little exercise to work on your psychic mind mojo.

Step Three: Predict The Coin Flip

Gain More Than 50% Accuracy!

With a coin flip, or coin toss, there are really only two outcomes – heads or tails. This means that you have a 50% chance of guessing the outcome correctly each and every time. As you develop your psychic powers, your chance of accuracy should exceed 50%.

To get to this level, get out a coin and toss it up in the air. While it is in the air, predict which side will be showing up when it lands. With a little work on Increase Your Psychic Powers Day, you should get better with your guesses.

Step Four: Work On Your ESP Skills

ESP stands for Extra Sensory Perception and it is a big deal in the psychic world. It is a sixth sense that is wicked cool. Some people think that we all have ESP but that we just don’t realize it or that we are not clear of mind enough to really put the ESP to its fullest potential.

Have you ever been thinking about a song and then turn on the radio to have it playing or starting to play? Have you ever thought of someone right before they called you? These are both examples of ESP in action.

Psychics with more developed ESP abilities can predict future events, which would be an awesome skill to have. Fortunately, we can all work on enhancing our ESP abilities with ESP cards and other exercises.

Throw An Increase Your Psychic Powers Day Party!

If you want to celebrate Increase Your Psychic Powers Day with all your friends, then why not throw a party to mark the occasion? Things that you can do include giving each other tarot card readings and play some party games. Take a look below at some of the things you might want to get for your party.

  • ESP cards
  • tarot card pack
  • psychic party games
  • fortune teller costume
  • crystal ball

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