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If you are looking for some good and fun game ideas for a kid’s birthday, then give Dora the Explorer party games a try. This is the perfect kids party theme for a little kid who loves her or Diego from Nick Jr..

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Your party can incorporate Boots, Backpack, Swiper the Fox and more of the lovable characters from the Nick Jr. show. As Dora herself would say, “¡Es hora de jugar!” — or It’s time to play!

Keep reading to learn about all the great fun games waiting for your kids next birthday!

Best Dora The Explorer Party Game

Use This Fun Game For Birthday Parties!

If you want an easy game that a lot of kids of all ages can play, this is it. This one comes with a poster that looks just like the image here. That poster measures around 12″ x 17″ in size. All you have to do is hang up that poster and then hand out the included flower stickers. The point of this particular game is to pin the flower on her wrist. It is a take on the popular ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ game. The kid who gets the flower closest to her wrist wins the game!

Large GameLarge GameMORE INFO

As a bonus, your child can hang up the poster in their room after the festivities have long ended for the day.

Free Dora Party Game – Pin the Tail on Swiper

If you are short on cash and need to do a kid’s b-day on a budget, then this free party game from Nick Jr. can help make the big day a success. The Nick Jr. site has a Pin the Tail on Swiper game that you just print out and then tape together before hanging it on the wall.

This game works in the exact same manner since it is a version of ‘pin the tail on the donkey.’

More Great Games Options on eBay

Check out eBay auctions for some more cheap options for great games for your kid’s b-day. Just be sure to remember to check the shipping cost as well as the feedback reviews for the seller before you make your purchase. This ensures that you are only buying from someone who has a good reputation and that you are not getting charged too much by a high shipping price.

Dora the Explorer Party Pinatas

Fun and Festive Pinatas For Your Kids Birthday Partay

If you are looking for another great activity for your child’s b-day, consider buying a Dora the Explorer partay pinata. There is a good variety in the different size and shape Dora pinatas that you can get for your Nick Jr. themed birthday partay.

Dora the Explorer PinataDora the Explorer PinataMORE INFO

Dora 3D Pull-String PinataDora 3D Pull-String PinataMORE INFO

Dora the Explorer Party PinataDora the Explorer Party PinataMORE INFO

Hand Crafted Dora PinataHand Crafted Dora PinataMORE INFO


Don’t Forget the Dora the Explorer Party Invitations

Buy Nick Jr Themed Invitations

While you are busy finding a fun game for the kids to play, do not forget to order your invitations for the get together. You can find a few different designs for your Dora party invitations. You can even order a combo pack that includes some other festive supplies. If you are having trouble finding some good choices of invitations that you like, why not take a look at the cheap options on eBay?

Dora The Explorer Party Supplies

If you want to go all out for your child’s birthday this year, then you can get everything from cups to goody bags to streamers to cupcake toppers to complete the theme.

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