Easter 2009: Ways to celebrate on a budget

Easter 2009 is quickly approaching. This year Easter falls on April 12 for 2009. If your family is feeling the pinch of the economy and you are looking for ways to save money on your Easter 2009 celebration then listen up! Here are a few ways to cuts costs for Easter 2009.

Skip the egg coloring kit.

Use our tips on Coloring Easter Eggs with Natural Items From Your Kitchen to cuts some costs this year.

Skip the Easter candy aisle.

Holiday candy is always overpriced. Give your kids their sugar rush by purchasing a few full-size candy bars. Or even better – get some baking chocolate and a bunny mold and make your own chocolate rabbit for them!

Baked goods instead of candy.

Instead of giving your kids loads of chocolate for Easter, why not bake them some cookies or their favorite baked good. You can wrap the cookies and put them in a basket for them!

No already filled baskets from the store.

Never buy the already filled baskets – they are crazy expensive and generally full of crap. Get a basket from the “Everything’s a Dollar” store or get one from a place like Michael’s if you’d like to use the basket later for something else. You can decorate with ribbons or stickers. And then fill it with your own goodies!

Family day at the park.

Why not make Easter an extra special family day and take the family to the park! You can pack a nice homemade picnic lunch. And this will save on the expense of having lunch out someplace.

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