Gift Guide: Best Gifts For A Writer

What To Give A Writer As A Christmas Gift?

If you have any writers on your gift list, then you may be having a hard time finding the perfect present. Unless you live with a writer, like me, or spend a lot of time with one, it can be difficult to know what type of gift will sincerely be appreciated by a writer. I think this is partly due to the fact that writers are somewhat hermits since they are always at home writing. It leaves them as somewhat of a mystery.

Having lived with a writer for almost 15 years, I can give you some ideas on the top gifts for writers. Buying one of these as a present for a writer on your gift list is sure to make it a success.

Notebooks or Journals Gift Ideas for Writers

Best Pick: Moleskine Notebook

From living with a writer, I can tell you that there are more notebooks and journals of various sizes in the house than anything else. And this is true of most writers. Sure, a lot of writing can be done on the computer, but notebooks and journals are great for jotting down ideas. They are also perfect for the times when an idea strikes and a computer is nowhere to be found.

I think Moleskin notebooks are the best option for writers because they come in different shapes and sizes. Plus, you can get them in different colors. The writer that I live with color codes ideas so that any red notebook has ideas written down about one topic while black notebooks feature another idea. The elastic closure is also great for keeping in any loose papers.

These make great stocking stuffers for writers – especially the smaller moleskin notebooks.

Coffee or Tea Mugs Gift Ideas for Writers

Best Pick: Shakespeare Insults Mug

Coffee and writing go together like cookies and milk or like bread and butter. All the writers I know live on coffee like it is air and vital to their continued existence on this Earth. Some of them also like to sip on hot tea. All this means is that writers have a real need for hot beverage mugs. And one is not enough.

Since writers often look for inspiration, this Shakespeare Insults Mug makes a great coffee mug gift for a writer in your life. I actually got one of these for a writer friend’s birthday and it was a big hit. The only complaint was from a fellow writer who says she prefers latte mugs so that she can get more coffee at once!


Novelty USB Flash Drives Gift Ideas for Writers

Best Pick: 8GB Einstein Mimobot USB Flash Drive

Most writers who do their writing on a computer end up saving multiple copies of their files. While some may use a combo of home storage and cloud storage, it is not uncommon to find a small USB flash drive in the pocket of a writer. In fact, the writer that I live with never leaves the house without a flash drive that contains all of her writings.

So, if you know a writer who uses a computer for their writing, then a USB flash drive is a cool gift idea. Most writers have several flash drives, so don’t worry about buying something they may already own. You can get a standard flash drive or a novelty one, like the Einstein one here. It is made by Mimoco, who makes all kinds of different novelty flash drives from Star Wars characters to Hello Kitty to comic book characters. Click HERE for all the Mimoco USB flash drives.


Inspiration Gift Ideas for Writers

Best Pick: The Writer’s Block: 786 Ideas to Jump-Start Your Imagination

If you are ever around a writer when they get blocked or need a little extra inspiration, then you know just how grump it can make a writer! That is why a little something to combat writer’s block and provide inspiration is one of the best gift you can give a writer – and their partner!

I think that The Writer’s Block: 786 Ideas to Jump-Start Your Imagination is one of the best things for this type of writer’s gift. But there are really so many options available. Check out some of the other gift possibilities in this category below.

Writing Instruments Gift Ideas for Writers

Best Pick: Pentel Rolling Writer Stick Roller Ball Pen, Medium Point

If the writer you are shopping for ends up doing a lot of writing in journals and notebooks, then pens or pencils are a well-loved gift. And they make perfect stocking stuffers.

These Pentel pens are the ones that the writer who I live with swears by. The ink dries fairly quickly so there is no risk of smudging what was written. And, unlike ballpoint pens, you don’t have to press down hard to write (this is important due to the frequency of hand cramps from prolonged periods of writing by hand).

Buying pens or pencils for a writer can be a tricky proposition as some writers like to stick to a certain type of writing instrument. It is best if you can ask or sneak a peek at the preferred pen type before making a purchase.

And while those are really my top picks when it comes to the best gifts for writers, there are a few more items that I think might be of interest to some of you gift buyers out there. So, here’s three more gift ideas that should help you out this year.


The Novelist At Work Sign

If you’re looking for a funny gift for a writer, then this NOVELIST AT WORK Warning Sign is a good choice.

I gave this to a writer that I know and she laughed for a good while after opening it. Now, it is displayed on the door to her office and she has told me that she regularly gets compliments on it from other writers.


The Write-Brain Workbook: 366 Exercises to Liberate Your Writing book

This book is a great idea for a writer who struggles with ideas.


One of the things that makes it so great is that The Write-Brain Workbook is put together by the people at Writer’s Digest.

And who knows books better than they do? The daily writing prompts can really do a lot in helping people hone their writing craft.


The Writer’s Toolbox: Creative Games and Exercises for Inspiring the ‘Write’ Side of Your Brain
book set

If you are shopping for someone who wants to be a writer but it having trouble getting started, then The Writer’s Toolbox is the PERFECT gift idea for that person.

Buy It On Amazon

It was designed by a creative writing teacher to help people get those creative juices flowing so that words can easily transfer from brain to paper.

A must have for any new or wannabe writers.

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