Good Coffee Lovers Gift: World’s Largest Coffee Cup

World's Largest Coffee Cup gift

Regardless of the occasion, this humongous coffee cup makes the perfect gift for coffee addicts everywhere. The sheer ridiculousness is what makes it so awesome.

As a coffee drinker myself, I can attest that this gift would be a hit with a java addict. In fact, I am planning on giving it out to some of the coffee lovers in my family this Christmas. And if I can manage to catch it on-sale at some point, I might even consider it a great office gift for co-workers.

If you are looking at the photo, you might be wondering just how big is the World’s Largest Coffee Cup? The answer – as big as it looks. This porcelain coffee cup will hold 20 regular size cups of coffee. Of course, even if you managed to get that much coffee in it (and keep it warm), you’d never be able to lift it. The cup weighs 10.3 pounds when it is empty!

Of course, no one really gives this as a gift to someone and expect them to actually drink out of it, right? If you are giving this as a gag gift to a coffee lover, it will have a lot of real uses like serving as a fruit bowl or a place to store a coffee stash.

And now the important question –

Where to Buy the World’s Largest Coffee Cup?

Some novelty stores, like Spencer Gifts, are carrying this, but it is kind of hard to find. Luckily, I have found two places online that are selling it, with one having a much better price (with shipping) than the other. Of course, prices change regularly so you might want to check out both.

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