Halloween Cooking Hack: Use Fresh Pumpkin

If you plan on doing some baking that includes canned pumpkin, why not spice things up a bit and go for fresh pumpkin instead! You just might even come out cheaper in the long run this way depending on the cost of pumpkins in your area. If you have a Smart & Final in your vicinity, they are currently selling pumpkins for $3.99 each.

TIP: Don’t get a huge pumpkin! Make sure it will fit in your microwave! A softball sized pumpkin is perfect for pie making.


Once you get your fresh pumpkin it is pretty easy to prepare it and it takes only about a half hour to do so.

TIP: Look for a pumpkin no larger than a cantaloupe for the best flavor.


First you will need to rinse off that pumpkin to get all of the dirt and debris off it.

Then, place it in your microwave for two minutes.

Take it out of the microwave so that you can pierce the entire pumpkin skin deeply. You can do this with a fork or metal skewer.

TIP: The entire pumpkin should be completely dotted from piercing.


Then, put it back in the microwave for two to four minutes, depending on size.

Then, remove the pumpkin from your microwave and wrap it in foil. Leave it like this for around five minutes.

Then, remove the foil and slice open your pumpkin.

Remove the seeds.

TIP: Remember to set them aside so that you can make roasted pumpkin seeds for a snack!


Then scrape out the pulp and mash it.

If you are making pumpkin pie, you will need about two cups of pulp for one 9-inch pumpkin pie.

Homemade pumpkin pie

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