How To Stay On A Diet Over The Holidays

If you are on a diet then the holidays represent a lot of stress and the testing of your willpower. Trying to stay on a diet is hard enough in and of itself, but throw in the holiday feast and it gets even more difficult.

Don’t worry though, there is no need to stress about being on a diet during the holidays. Staying the course on your diet is all about choices. If you are going home for Thanksgiving and you want both the pumpkin pie and the apple crisp for desert stop and think for a minute first – can you get either of those things throughout the year or are they one-time deals? If you can, for instance, only get mom’s super yummy pumpkin pie on turkey day but you can get the apple crisp whenever you want skip it and go for only the pumpkin pie.

Or if you simply can’t make the decision, just have a small amount of each.

Check out this link for more tips on sticking to your diet during the holidays.

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