How to survive holiday travel – 5 tips for stress free holiday travel

Will be you traveling over Christmas or New Year’s? That can be one of the most stressful times to travel. There are always a lot of other people traveling and there always seem to be a lot of delays at the airports.

Here are 5 tips for stress free travel this holiday season.

1. Do it in advance. Do not wait until the last minute when you get to the airport to get your boarding pass. The line is likely to be quite long so print your boarding pass in advance. If you are staying at a hotel check to see if they have a business center or a computer that guests can use. If that fails, look for a Kinko’s, public library or internet cafe nearby.

2.  Pack with the TSA in mind. Remember that you can’t have super size liquids in your carry ons. You also can’t have bottles of water, soda or anything else! Visit the TSA website to be sure you are only packing what is allowed in your carry on items.

3. Remember to not wrap gifts. If you forget and wrap your gifts before packing them it will not be your relatives that are ripping into the packages. Instead it will be your friendly TSA agents. And something tells me that they won’t have that same look of glee on their faces that your relatives will.

4. Be prepared for problems. Don’t get to the airport to discover your flight has been canceled due to bad weather somewhere else. Check online or on the weather channel before you leave for the airport.  And make sure you give yourself ample time to get to the airport as a lot of other people will be trying to get there at the same time. And make sure you have something to keep you occupied in the airport in the event that your flight is delayed.

5. Schedule your connecting flight somewhere sunny instead of somewhere snowy. If you are going to say Washington DC, do not have a connecting flight in Chicago. One, it is a super busy airport. Two, there is a good possibility of a delayed flight due to snow. Instead, connect somewhere like Memphis where there is less of a chance of snow.

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