Indoor Easter Activities

Expecting bad weather on Easter? If so, you might have to move that Easter egg hunt indoors! Here are some other Easter activities that you can do indoors.

Color eggs

Coloring eggs for Easter is a fun activity that the whole family can take part in. Eggs can be colored using a store bought kit, natural ingredients from the kitchen or simply using food coloring. Creativity can run amuck with egg coloring as eggs can be dyed solid colors, or a crayon can be used to leave designs or writing on the eggs.

Hide eggs inside

If the weather outside is too bad to hide eggs, then move the Easter egg hunt indoors! There are plenty of places indoors for hiding eggs, which will leave the kids having just as much fun hunting them as they do outdoors. Just don’t remember where you hid them!

Easter scavenger hunt

A fun way to help children pass away the time is to have an Easter scavenger hunt inside. Make sure you have a good list of items for the children to find, and offer up an Easter themed prize for the winner, such as a big chocolate bunny.

Easter egg ‘hot potato’ game

Take a plastic Easter egg and let children toss it around like a hot potato while music is playing. When you stop the music, the person holding the egg is out. The last person in the game wins an Easter prize, such as a plastic egg filled with jellybeans.

Egg coloring contest

If you plan on coloring your own Easter eggs, why not turn it into a contest? Let everyone color their own eggs and then judge them all for creativity, etc. The owner of the winning egg gets a prize.

Make and decorate your own Easter basket

Decorating an Easter basket is a fun way to spend a rainy Easter morning, or possibly the night before. Provide children with empty baskets, assorted colored grass, stickers, construction paper, cotton balls, glitter and any other craft item you may have in the house. For additional fun, have them design the basket for a sibling and let them fill it with things that person might enjoy.

Guess the number of jellybeans in the plastic egg and win a prize

Take a large plastic Easter egg and fill it with jellybeans. Then, let family members guess how many are inside. The person closest without going over the amount inside will win a prize. The egg itself could be the prize as it is filled with candy!

Make a bunny cake

Decorate a cake to look like a bunny. Suggestions would be to use coconut as fur, dying some to a pink for the inside of the ears, and use jellybeans for eyes and mouth.

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