Irish Bagpipe Music for Your St. Paddy’s Day Party

If you want to bring a little traditional Irish folk music to your St. Paddy’s Day celebrations, then look no further than these Irish bagpipes music collections.

You can buy just one, or several, of these traditional Irish music CDs to bring a cool Irish sound to your party this March 17th. Of course, you do not have to let these CDs sit in a drawer the rest of the year. In fact, I kind of find some of them to be relaxing so I love listening to them all year long. I find them especially useful when talking to my mother on the phone, because the woman drives me crazy sometimes! But, I will take just about any excuse to listen to some Celtic tunes like this because they are so good.

Check out my favorites when it comes to good Irish bagpipe music.

 Living Tradition Traditional Irish Music For The Bagpipe (Bagpipes) Piping Hot: Celtic Bagpipe Collection Amazing Grace – the Single (Bagpipes) Uilleann Pipes of Ireland

If you are thinking about only buying one of the CDs to try it out, my suggestion is to go with the Piping Hot collection above. It features some of the best Irish bagpipe instrumentals that I have ever heard. Plus, it is pretty cheap as well. These CDs even make great St. Patricks Day gifts for friends and family members.

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