Irish Kilts for Men and Women: Party Clothes for St. Patricks Day

If you have ever had the pleasure of being in New York City for their famous Saint Patrick’s Day parade, then you already know that kilts are a big part of St. Paddy’s Day. A lot of people think that kilts are Scottish – and they are – BUT there are also Irish kilts. And they get worn by people all over the world each March 17th for St. Paddy’s Day.

Don’t believe me? Click here for the full selection of Irish kilts.

The cool thing about Irish kilts for St. Paddy’s Day is that they can be worn by both men and women. That may surprise you, but it shouldn’t because a kilt is kind of like a skirt. Women can wear the Irish kilts that are made for men as they are technically unisex kilts. However, there are kilts made especially for females as well. Women’s Irish kilts are usually a little shorter, which makes them a good choice for petite women.

Women’s Irish Kilts for St. Patricks Day

If you want to go with an Irish kilt that is designed with a woman’s body in mind, then take a look at the options that I have found for you below. As you can see, there is a little variety in design with the women’s kilts that you do not really get with the men’s kilts. Women who find these kilts a little too short should opt for one of the unisex kilts, or men’s kilts, this St. Paddy’s Day.

Ladies Mini Kilt in Pure New WoolLadies Mini Kilt in Pure New WoolMORE INFO

Women's Plaid Kilt Mini SkirtWomen’s Plaid Kilt Mini SkirtMORE INFO

Women's Plaid Pleated Mini SkirtWomen’s Plaid Pleated Mini SkirtMORE INFO

Green Plaid Mini Skirt KiltGreen Plaid Mini Skirt KiltMORE INFO

Ladies Irish Kilt in Pure New WoolLadies Irish Kilt in Pure New WoolMORE INFO


These are my favorites of the available kilts for women.

The green and blue plaid coloring lets you know that these are Irish kilts instead of Scottish ones.

I suggest pairing these with some shamrock knee high socks or stockings to really complete your festive St. Paddys Day look this year.

And remember, you can actually wear these kilts all year long since they are not really specific to the holiday.

Unisex Irish Kilts for Men – And Women!

If you are looking for the more traditional length kilt this St. Patrick’s Day, then this is it.

I suspect this the style of kilt that you are most accustomed to seeing in Saint Patrick’s Day parades. I know this is certainly what I have seen the few times that I have been in NYC for the parade.

Remember, while these are primarily advertised as men’s Irish kilts, they are actually unisex and can be worn by women.

Here are my favorites:

Unisex St. Patrick's Day Plaid KiltUnisex St. Patrick’s Day Plaid KiltMORE INFO

Adult Green Plaid St. Pat's Day KiltAdult Green Plaid St. Pat’s Day KiltMORE INFO

Sport Kilt 'Original Black Watch Kilt'Sport Kilt ‘Original Black Watch Kilt’MORE INFO

St. Patrick's Day Costume Adult KiltSt. Patrick’s Day Costume Adult KiltMORE INFO

Sport Kilt 'Original Irish Clover Kilt' Sport Kilt ‘Original Irish Clover Kilt’ MORE INFO


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