LEGO Easter Gifts Make The Easter Bunny Proud

lego easter giftsOne of my nephews gets upset if you give him a toy that is not a LEGO, which is why I was so excited to find a nice assortment of seasonal Easter LEGO sets and minifigures. If you have to buy an Easter gift or fill an Easter basket for a kid like this, then I can’t wait to share with you all of the cool LEGO Easter toys that I have found.

Pictured: LEGO Seasonal Set Bunny and Chick Bagged (40031)

These LEGO sets are also great for adults or teens who enjoy LEGO sets. In fact, I ended up buying one of the ones below to give to a co-worker who has all sorts of little LEGO builds and mini figs in his cubicle.

What is really cool about these LEGO sets for Easter is that you can even get an actual Easter basket that is made of LEGOs. Now, you can either let the gift recipient put that basket together, or you can attempt to do it on your own. I tried – and it took me forever since I am not used to putting together LEGO sets, but it looks great!

If you need LEGO Easter basket ideas, just check out all the cool LEGO toys I’ve found below.

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Check out the LEGO Easter Bunny

Now, my favorite of all the LEGO Easter Bunny builds is the LEGO Easter Bunny 40005 set pictured big below. Not only does he look awesome, but he is a little bigger. And, the blocks you use to make him are not microscopic in size, which is great for the younger kids who love LEGO blocks.

The other LEGO Easter Bunny you will see below is also pretty cute. I love his glasses. He also comes with some buildable LEGO Easter eggs, which is a nice addition. Those pieces are smaller though, so keep that in mind when deciding between the two.

 LEGO Easter Bunny 40005 LEGO Easter Bunny with Eggs 40018 LEGO Mini Figure Set #40018 Easter Bunny Bagged LEGO Easter Bunny 40018

LEGO Easter Bunny 40005 Video Review

Check out this review on my favorite of the LEGO Easter Bunny sets.

Easter LEGO Minigifure – Guy in Bunny Suit With Carrot

lego guy in bunny suitIf you know someone who likes to collect the little LEGO minifigs, then you will not want to pass up this bunny suit guy. I actually got one of these for my co-worker and he loved it! He already has it sitting by his computer monitor on his desk. I also got one for my nephew since it is so darn cute. Plus, it’s cheap!

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LEGO Easter Basket With Eggs

This is my absolute favorite of all the seasonal LEGO Easter toys. BUT – you should know that this basket only measures 3-inches tall. It looks a lot bigger in the photo, but trust me – it is not big at all. That is why I said you might not want to put it together yourself because the pieces are tiny, hence why it took me forever.

It does come with four little Easter eggs that you build as well, which is pretty cute. Despite it’s small size, this is a really awesome LEGO set for Easter. But since the pieces are so small, make sure that you aren’t giving it to any younger children.

 Lego Easter Basket with Eggs 40017

LEGO Mrs Bunny Easter Set

lego mrs easter bunny setI admit that I have never actually heard of a Mrs. Easter Bunny, but why not? Right?

Despite my initial confusion upon finding this set, I do actually like it. The nice thing about is that it gives kids three distinct builds in the one set.

You get: Mrs. Bunny, a cute little spring tree and an Easter egg. And, the tree can be re-used with other sets, which is a nice bonus.

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LEGO Mr. Easter Bunny

lego mr easter bunnyWell, if we have a Mrs. Easter Bunny then our set it not complete without Mr. Easter Bunny, right?

I bought this to go with Mrs. Easter Bunny, but I am not a fan of it.


Because you don’t get anything else with it like you do the Mrs. Easter Bunny set. Plus, I think they made Mr. Easter Bunny look a little goofy.

he kids don’t seem to care though, so it does work well in the Easter basket.

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Bagged Easter LEGO Sets

If you just want some small, bagged Easter-themed LEGO sets to add to your child’s Easter basket, then you have three great options. You can get the ducks, the Easter Bunny with basket, or the bunny and chick set.

Personally, I like the bunny and chick set the best. The cool thing about these is that since they are so cheap, you can easily add more than one to the Easter basket and stay on-budget.

 LEGO Seasonal Set Bunny and Chick Bagged (40031) LEGO 40053 Easter Bunny with Basket Bagged LEGO Seasonal Set #40030 Duck with Ducklings Bagged

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