Potato Cakes

After any holiday meal, you are bound to be left with mashed potatoes, unless you didn’t make enough to begin with, in which case, you are bound to be dragged out of the house and beaten accordingly. While mashed potatoes are usually a popular leftover on their own, one of the simplest ways to turn them into something fresh is to make potato cakes out of them. And the most glorious thing about potato cakes is that they are hack simple.


Before putting the mashed potatoes away in the refrigerator, shape into small patties, and wrap with waxed paper.

Chill potato patties for at least a few hours. Overnight if possible.

Mix together flour and ground black pepper to taste.

Dip potato cakes in flour mixture, covering completely.

Fry in olive oil or shortening (if you must!) until golden brown.

Try it with sauerkraut!

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