Santa Suit Accessory: Santa Belly for Your Santa Claus Costume

Santa Belly for Your Santa Claus Costume

Dressing up as Santa Claus is the most popular Christmas costume each year.

And the perfect Santa Claus costume makes the wearer look like old St. Nick himself.

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But this can’t be done by just buying a Santa suit alone. Nope.

Santa has to have a large belly. Without it, you’re just some skinny guy in a Santa suit.

Oddly enough, Santa Christmas costumes do not come with a belly accessory.

If you want to do your Santa costume right, you have to buy a Santa belly separate.

But you have to be careful – your coat must be big enough to fit the belly in it! If not, you’ll look like a Santa that needs to go on a diet!

If you need to buy a Santa belly, you should know that they only make them for adults and they are on size fits all.

It comes with elastic straps on the back to help you keep it on, and you can tie a knot in them if the belly is too big for you.

Best Price: Where To Buy A Santa Belly

Plenty of costume stores have a Santa belly for sale with the other Christmas costumes. The average retail price of this Christmas costume accessory is around $40. If you want to save a little money and get the cheapest price, buy online on Amazon. Last I checked, the lowest price Santa belly they sell is just $15.40.

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