Shamrock Bathroom Decorations for St. Patricks Day

If you are decorating your house for a Saint Patrick’s Day party, or even just to be festive, then you will not want to overlook your bathroom. Sure, you may not spend a lot of time in there, but there is no reason to neglect spreading a little luck of the Irish into the bathroom.

Shamrocks are the perfect theme for St. Paddy’s Day bathroom decor. And if you do not select an item that specifically says “St. Patricks Day” then you can leave the decorations up all month long! Shamrocks really are a great spring theme for the bathroom.

Now, you can use a little St. Paddy’s Day shamrock decor in the bathroom for everything from the shower curtain to the toilet paper. Here are my favorite decor items to give your bathroom a shamrock makeover this St. Patricks Day.

Green Shamrock Toilet Paper for St Paddys

I think this festive toilet paper is best if you are planning on having a St. Paddy’s party in your home. Or, you can buy it for the office. Personally, I do not like changing out my TP since I like the super soft kind, but this novelty holiday toilet paper is pretty fun.

 RENOVA GREEN TOILET PAPER ROLLS -6 PACK St. Patrick’s Day Novelty Green Shamrock Toilet Paper

Shamrock Shower Curtains and Shower Hooks for St. Patricks Day

The shower curtain is one of the easiest things to change out with the holiday season. And it is also usually a pretty cheap way to decorate the bathroom for St. Paddy’s. Check out my favorites for your shower now.

 Shamrock SHOWER CURTAIN St. Patricks Day saint patrick’s paddy paddy’s Irish green bathroom bath room tub Home Decor Shamrock SHOWER CURTAIN HOOKS rings St. Patrick’s Day saint pat’s patrick’s paddy’s bathroom bath room Home Decor Bunch of Shamrocks Shower Curtain Elegant Shamrock Shower Curtain Erin Go Bragh Shamrock Shower Curtain Dancing Shamrocks Shower Curtain

Shamrock Hand Soap for Saint Patricks Day

I have found two great options for festive St. Paddy’s Day soap. I think these are perfect for putting out in the guest bathroom. Especially the cute little green shamrock soaps!

 ArtisanStreet’s Shamrock Design Soap or Lotion Pump Dispenser. Hand Painted & Signed By Artisan Shamrock Soap, Fragrance Free, Clear Green

Shamrock Hand Towels for St Patricks Day

Another great addition to the guest bathroom are these festive shamrock hand towels. You can even put them in the master bathroom since they are too cute to only get used by guests!

 St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Hand Towel St. Patrick’s shamrock hand towel black Shamrock hand fingertip towel green St. Patricks Day Guest Hand Towel

Shamrock Toilet Seat Covers for Saint Paddys Day

This is by far the funniest bathroom decor option I’ve seen for St. Pats Day. I think I would crack up if I went to use the guest bathroom in someone’s house and saw this. If you have kids at home, they will just love this decoration.

 Shamrocks Toilet Tattoo – Elongated St. Patricks Day Seat Socks Toilet Lid Cover Shamrocks Toilet Tattoo – Round

Shamrock Rubber Ducks for St. Paddy’s

I have seen holiday rubber duckies for other occasions and I just love these St Patricks rubber duckies. Sure, you likely do want to take a bath with them, but they make great St Patricks Day gifts for kids. And they are fun items to just sit out and decorate with for the holiday. And if you have employees, giving everyone one of these is a great way to raise morale for a few days.

 St. Patrick’s Rubber Duck Two Dozen Mini Irish Shamrocks Rubber Ducks Set of 12 St. Patrick’s Day Rubber Ducks St. Patricks Day Rubber Ducky 2 inch (1 Dozen) One Dozen (12) Irish St. Patrick’s Day Rubber Ducks Mini Shamrock Rubber Ducks St. Patrick’s Day Rubber Ducks – Case Pack 24 SKU-PAS441319 St. Patrick’s Day Rubber Duck : package of 12

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