Throw A St. Paddy’s Dady Brunch At Home

Whether you just are not into the whole green beer – pub crawl scene or you have little ones at home, you do not need to have a raucous time out to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. In fact, you can throw a small party at home or work or even put together a nice little brunch for friends and family.

If you are anything at all like me, then you love this time of year just because you can get all those great Irish themed food dishes at the local restaurants. Not to mention all the Irish cream flavored coffees and desserts! And guess what? You can incorporate all of this into your awesome St. Pat’s Day brunch that you are planning.

I came across some great info on throwing together a chic St. Paddy’s brunch over at, which you can check out in the link below. You will find some excellent tips on serving up some tasty Irish food at your Saint Patrick’s Day brunch -all while keeping it classy. No green beer at this St. Pat’s brunch!

Just don’t forget some of that traditional Irish bagpipe music to really set the tone of the brunch.

Inspired Entertaining: A Stylish St. Patrick’s Day Brunch


Inspired Entertaining: A Stylish St. Patrick’s Day Brunch ยท I don’t know about you, but the typical green beer + pub crawl + shamrocks on everything style of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day has never really been my thing.


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