Valentine Day Gift Hacks

Yo! You don’t have to break the bank to break into your Valentine’s heart. Unless you are dating Paris Hilton. Or a metrosexual.

For those of us for whom couture and expensive toys are not the ultimate romantic gift, more down-to-earth offerings can serve the purpose of reminding someone that you have mad love for him or he.

Valentine’s Day DIY Project #1

Write love poetry.

Forget about the flowery verse you’re imagining with a lot of “thous” and “beset”. Over thinking it will only take aware from the spontaneity and fun. If you don’t have a lot of prior experience, don’t worry about writing a sonnet or even something for public consumption. Write fun, raunchy, bawdy love poetry. If you want to get laughs, make sure it rhymes. Avoid rhyming yourself in a corner (e.g. avoid the words “orange” and “vagina”). Need more help? Check out’s Poetry Guides.

Valentine’s Day DIY Project #2

Tell your partner the story of how you met.

This is a guaranteed beautiful present. Whether you were fixed up on a blind date, met at a funeral, or were childhood sweethearts, take some time to write out the story of how you first met your partner, and how you fell in love. Again, avoid trying to be to “writer-ly”. Just tell the story in your own words. What was happening in your life, and in the world around you, when you first met. What did your family and friends think of the relationship at first. It can be a fun personal exercise in memory recall to do this, and if each of you does it, you’ll be amazed at the details only one of you will remember, and the small differences in the way you both remember it happening. The goal here is not historical accuracy. Focus as much on the emotional memories as the concrete things that happened.

Valentine’s Day DIY Project #3

Take sexy pictures of each other.

Professional erotic photographer Christine Ablett offers these tips on how to take erotic photos . Don’t forget to cover your privacy needs, and shoot safe this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day DIY Project #4

Write your own sex manual.

I’m not suggesting a second career as a sex expert, or putting together a 200 page manuscript. Instead browse through this sites range of inspired and yet totally realistic sex tips for the rest of us pick a few of your favorites, and make a book to present to your lover. Go primitive with construction paper and white glue, or get fancy with bindings or complicated folding arrangements. Either way, it’s a handmade gift and a nudge in a few new sexual directions.

Valentine’s Day DIY Project #5

Do something sexy and crafty.

We tend to associate arts and crafts with something for kids. But arts and crafts can not only be fun, it can be adult (and even erotic). Whether you want to try your hand at sexy cross stitching , erotic rug hooking , or explore sensual ceramics , it’s time to get your hands moving (and dirty) for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day DIY Project #6

Make your own “sex checks.”

This always popular gift item available at many fine sex shops offers a series of gift certificates, each good for a sexual service, romantic evening, or simply a night off from household responsibilities. One check might be redeemable for your unconditional sexual services for a day, another might be good for a back rub, or breakfast in bed, in the nude. The beauty of this gift is that you make the checks, so you get to determine the focus and boundaries of all the action.
Valentine’s Day DIY Project #7

Make a romantic meal (only if you’re the one who doesn’t cook).

In most couples one partner takes on a majority of the cooking. Even if you love cooking, it’s nice to have a night off once in a while, and for the partner that needs some creative motivation to get cooking in the kitchen, Valentine’s Day could be the inspiration for you. Check out these great menus and recipes for an easy to make romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for two.

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